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SmartGrid Netman

SmartGrid Netman

SmartGrid Netman empowers BPL network operators with extensive network management capabilities. Operators can easily administer all networked BPL devices via SNMP to leverage a rich feature set for monitoring network health and status, and to optimize performance by enabling fine-grained control over multiple network parameters.

Product Information

Server-client architecture and performance that scales well with the physical network

Communications secured via SSL/TLS

Remote network administration via web services

SNMP interface for streamlined network device management

Automatic discovery of new network devices

Subnet management via agent instances that monitor network health, schedule tasks, and automatically log data

On-demand configuration and data retrieval of managed network devices

Compatible with Corinex Enterprise series products, including all LV/MV gateways and CPE adapters


Server Requirements

CPU Dual core 2.0 GHz (minimum)
Quad core 2.4 GHz (recommended)
RAM 2 GB (minimum)
4 GB (recommended)
OS Linux Ubuntu 13.4 or later, 32-bit


Client Requirements

CPU 2.0 GHz or greater                                                          
RAM 1 GB or greater
OS Any
Browser Mozilla Firefox (recommended)


SmartGrid Netman