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Corinex BPL Smart Meter CLMS3

Corinex is pleased to announce that at European Utility Week in Barcelona, from November 15 to 17, 2016, was honored to unveil to the world the industry’s first low-cost BPL Smart Meter, co-developed by Corinex and Linyang.clms3 corinex bpl smart meter

The CLMS3 is a three-phase IEC electronic residential meter supporting smart grid functionalities. It is designed to provide utilities with the best-in-class smart metering solution for their SMI mass-rollout.

The CLMS3 smart meter is the industry’s 1st optimized, fully integrated BPL meter with an aggressive cost reduction architectured by Corinex and manufactured by leading meter vendor Linyang. This smart meter, without compromise, addresses current and future requirements of every utility for high-speed data communication at a low cost. It meets the strictest security requirements and its communication link enables effective future upgrades which support current and future business plans from every utility including IoT services.

For more information on Corinex’s CLMS3 low-cost smart meter please contact us.

Jiangsu Linyang Energy Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995 as one of the famous domestic suppliers of Smart Electronic Energy Meter and Electricity management information system, including terminal products and system solution. After 20 years, Linyang is one of the largest meter manufacturer in China producing OEM and ODM meters, shipping more than 12 Million meters per year.

Corinex Communications Corp. is Canadian company established in 1999. Corinex provides technologies and business consultancy services in the energy sector, develops and manufactures solutions for Smart Metering and Smart Grid infrastructure projects, with a primary focus on BPL (Broadband over Powerline) communications. Corinex is the industry leader in BPL technology, with more than 17,000 gateways and 1 million BPL communication points shipped worldwide.