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How can I access a Corinex in-home device?

Home versions of Corinex products have web interfaces that allow users to configure their adapters. Simply plug the device in to a computer through the Ethernet port, and point your web browser to your device's IP address (default

How come I cannot access the device web interface?

Only Corinex in-home products have web interfaces.

If you have the home version, and are unable to access it,

How do I connect/sync my devices?

Please refer to your user manual. The devices are plug and play, and typically only the network management key should be set manually.

What do the lights mean?

Typically the lights indicate Power, PLC connectivity, and Ethernet connectivity.

How do I reset the devices?


For devices with reset buttons:

Simply hold the reset button for 10 seconds.

For devices without reset buttons:

If you did not change the default IP address of the device, you should be able to reset it by going to the default IP address. If you have forgotten the default IP address, you can still connect to it using the Corinex config Utility application. You can then reset the adapter to the default IP address or note down the IP address for future use. Please note that this applies only to In-Home versions of our devices.

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