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What types of adapters are available?

Corinex offers adapters that can communicate over Powerlines, coaxial cables, or phone lines. We also offer in-home and enterprise versions of our adapters. In-home versions are recommended for single-home use, while enterprise versions are recommended for larger networks.

Can I send my TV signal over Powerline or Coax?

Corinex products communicate with external devices using Ethernet. If your TV signal comes over an Ethernet cable (IPTV), then you can send it using Powerline or Coax.


Can I use my Corinex products in a commercial or business environment?

Yes. Depending on the needs of your business, you can use either In-home or Enterprise versions of our products. Please contact Corinex for a customized network that fits your business needs.

Do Corinex products support HD video?

Yes. Corinex products are ideal for HD video transmission. In addition to high bandwidth, Quality of Service settings give priority to your video signal when there is any kind of slowdown on the network.

Can I use Corinex Adapters in my country?

Yes, Corinex adapters are designed to work with many different sockets and voltages worldwide, including North and South America, Europe, and Asia.

How can I benefit from Powerline technology?

Powerline technology lets you extend network coverage in your home or office without needing to add new cables. Also, in places where WiFi is plagued by interference, powerline technology can be a better fit.

What is Broadband over Powerline?

Broadband over Powerline is a technology that uses existing infrastructure (electrical wires or coaxial cables) to transfer data at high speeds. 

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