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Dr. Peter Sobotka
CEO, Corinex Communications Corp

Dr. Peter Sobotka is an accomplished innovator in communications and information technology. In 1999, he founded Corinex Communications, which quickly became the leading Broadband over powerline (BPL)  company in the world with many industry first products.

Dr. Sobotka is member of numerous professional and social associations. Dr. Sobotka has a Ph.D. from the University of Slovakia and was a researcher at Texas A&M, Tohoku University (Japan) and Delft Technical University (Netherlands). He has authored over 40 papers on applied and theoretical physics and a book.

He is a frequent speaker at the conferences on BPL performance and its application in solutions for carrier and utility markets.

Dr. Sobotka has 4 children and enjoys hiking, skiing, climbing and tennis.

Sam Shi
Sam Shi
Chief Technology Officer

As CTO, Mr. Shi is responsible for helping drive the company's technological innovations and strategy, and has pioneered power line communication for nearly a decade, contributing to several US patents. Mr. Shi is head of R&D and is responsible for the technology and architecture of Corinex products. One of his achievements was the largest deployment of BPL technology in access in industry with Center Point Energy and the first FCC part 15 certification of a BPL product in the industry.

Prior to joining Corinex, Mr. Shi worked in various senior development capacities in the telecom industry for companies including Telos and UT Starcom. Mr. Shi holds a degree in Computer Science and Business from Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada.